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REVIEW: Grudge Match

REVIEW: Grudge Match

I am so so sick of these let’s-make-fun-of-aging  stories.  It’s demeaning.   Sly Stallone is making a  second  career   as a self-deprecating geezer.  It’s , excuse the pun, getting old. And  trite.  Star billing like this with Robert DeNiro  deserves better material.  It’s embarrassing.

 Nice  to see Kim Basinger working again.  She’s the only  one of the three stars with self-respect .  Oh- and that’s  Kim and Alec Baldwin’s model-daughter, Ireland, playing the youth version of Kim’s Sally.  Kevin Hart s gets all the laughs as the Don King-like promoter who gets these two rivals together for one more fight 30 years later.

You can k.o. this one on arrival.

1 star


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